Firmware for flex 3000 with uk 60m band

firmware for flex 3000 with uk 60m band

firmware for flex 3000 with uk 60m band

01/04/17 T12: Firmware update for the Flex-1500,3000, and 5000 models to add the "IARU Region 1" 60m band to Europe. Band Text for the new 60m segment has also been added. NOTE: This firmware will not disrupt any prior TURFed settings like MARS or UK. NOTE: This firmware will not prevent you from running the basic original Flex 2.7.2 PowerSDR First time your run T12, PowerSDR will ask you …

 · These Revisions work on all Flex 1500, 3000, and 5000 SDR ham radio transceivers. Features vary with Model as noted in the Revision history link below. Runs under: Windows Vista, Windows 7 with SP1 (Service Pack 1) installed, Win8, or Win10. (NOTE: You need at least 1440 x 900 screen resolution) Rev T12 copies your original database file into a new RevQ database file for the …

I was just on 60m, JT modes and it looks as if I can transmit out of band. The top limit on the UK of the channel in question is 5.358MHz. Naturally, I could be mistaken, so please let me know what screenshots or anything else you would like to see what is going on. From the recent discussion it looks as if Flex now takes into account the3 TX ...

 · Subject: [FTdx-3000] 60m Band (UK) Have just started using the FTdx3000, exploring the numerous features. Although my radio was bought in the UK, it doesn't seem to have the 60m band memories programmed. I suspect that it may be an EU model. Is there any way to software convert an EU to a UK model, or possibly a better solution, any way of inserting the 60m memory channels? …

 · United Kingdom Band Plan 60m: Rate Topic. Display Mode. Topic Options. Author: Message: M0ZZA Posted Saturday, February 5, 2011 6:43 AM: Forum Newbie Group: Forum Members Last Login: Friday, February 18, 2011 11:04 AM Posts: 6, Visits: 12: Having acquired a "Notice of Variation" (NoV) to operate on 5Mhz I have had the firmware on my 1500 updated so the rig is recognised as a UK …

Flex owners are so ignorant that we cannot figure out how to transmit on a particular band. This is embarrassing. This is embarrassing. It is also a good idea to set the TX bandwidth to 2700 instead of 2900 for several of the 60m frequencies.

The current band definition for the EU02 has 11 different sections in the 60m band. If this is no longer current (as I know much of the 60m landscape has changed in the last 12-18 months in the EU), please let us know and we will get this updated.

However, some UK suppliers TURFd radios at point of sale. Others are done by request upon proof of Radio serial number and callsign. I suspect, the recent delivery of FlexRadios to the UK will have come with either USA band allocation or basic UK band allocation. I know my r6600M did not come with 60m and will require a TURF update. Ray de G0VLF

I was able to work 60M with my FTdx101mp today, made 40 contacts. All I had to do was select the USB memory for 5358.5 kHz. The radio will than transmit. 18 I did have and issue though. I use HRD for my CAT control. I have WSJT-X setup to use HRD for the radio. I have to put the transmitter into memory mode by pressing the V/M button on the ...

The FLEX-6700 reception is up through six-meter and two-meter bands while providing 2M operation with 5mW output power. Contest grade filters, ultra-low spurious emissions, and the ability to operate full duplex cross band on two antennas let you transmit on one band while receiving on another — no external equipment required. Even switch to ...

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